“The Last Supper before Creation of Contemporary Human”

Modeling clay creation The Last Supper before A Creation of Contemporary Human” illustrates my understanding of the contemporary human consciousness. I believe the form of human mind we own today would not be possible without three main subjects. Theology, psychology and philosophy. All moral values which separate us today from the primitive human could fit in these three fields.

All my work is a product of my deluded and chaotic mind and I apologize if it harms anyones feelings. I respect all religions and I do not wish to insult anyone.

One of the concept techniques I used is merging characters and placing subjects into places which they do not belong to. I created characteristic images of different historic and book characters to illustrate my conception based on some of the most influential books I read at my early age.

From the left to the right: Pontius Pilate; Siddharta from the same named book and Joseph Knech from the book ”The Glass Bead Game*” by Herman Hesse; Saint Peter; Judas/ Sigmund Freud holding on a leash B. F. Skinner and Ivan Pavlov* (at the back of the scene) = Cerberus; Magdalena; Jesus Christ / Buddha Siddhartha Gautama; John Livingston Seagull; Carl Jung*; Gwynplaine from the book ‘Human who laughs’ by Victor Hugo; Gavroche from the book “ Les Misérables”; Leonardo Da Vinci.

The work stays donated to City of Liverpool College for educational purposes.

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